Once Airwolf was built, it was time to fly her. One factor that distinguished the show from all others was the considerable and proficient use of aircraft such as the Lady to carry the storyline. Airwolf's weekly aerial action could not have been accomplished had a key team of individuals not come together in just the right way at just the right time. Meet those players, including David Jones, Peter McKernan, Sr. and their stable of trailblazing pilots. Then experience the tragic day the team lost one of their own.

Tour Jetcopters, Inc. as it appeared during "Bite of the Jackal" and explore the antique Sikorsky that brought Dominic together with young stowaway Phoebe Danner (Shannen Doherty).

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Issue #4
Remembering J. David Jones
The Darkest Day
Location Scrapbook - Jetcopters
Meet Peter McKernan, Sr.
Meet Kevin LaRosa
Sikorsky S-55
Meet Mike Dewey
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