Once upon a time, a Producer set out to create a show about a man and his helicopter. That Producer, Series Creator and Show Runner was Donald P. Bellisario, and his production company Belisarius produced AIRWOLF for three seasons on the CBS Network. As the show's General, Bellisario needed the support of trusted Colonels Burton Armus and T.S. Cook. Meet all three men and learn about the high-level challenges they faced on their mission to bring the show out week in and week out.

Experience the first day that Airwolf was introduced to the world and discover how it set the stage for some of the show's more infamous problems. Then tour Red Star Control at picturesque Devil's Anvil.
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Issue #1
Meet Don Bellisario
Meet Burt Armus
Location Scrapbook - Vazquez Rocks
Meet Tom Cook
Liftoff! Airwolf goes public
Merchandise Guide Supplement
The Pilot Episode
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