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    Just who is behind The Wolf's Lair?

    To create the definitive history of Airwolf, buddies Clark Van Hoten and Roy Nelson teamed up with original cast, crew and artisans.
    Roy and Clark pose with veteran actor Lance LeGault
    Roy and Clark pose with veteran actor Lance LeGault (2001)
    It began when Clark and Roy kept asking "Why?" and "How?" things were done on their favorite TV show. Questions like, "Did that really happen?" and "What really happened to...?" that surround one of the costliest and most difficult-to-manage shows in the history of American television and Hollywood. So they decided to find out by meeting the people that would know.

    They traveled to Airwolf's mysterious locations and met people who worked very hard to produce a very intensive TV show. Before long, Clark and Roy realized that they were learning the straight story on a more human level. A story of success and setbacks, hard work and accidents that went into bringing Airwolf to the screen each week for four seasons.
    Clark and Roy study designs with Tom Patterson
    Clark and Roy study designs with Tom Patterson (2000)
    Now, through The Wolf's Lair, you too can learn the story of what it really took to bring about and produce a show that was way ahead of its time. The magazine is published in a narrative sequence that takes you from the days of concept and development through writing, directing, editing, and distributing. You'll learn about the daily trials faced by the crew and the bigger-picture struggles between the studio and the network, culminating in a move to Canada to produce one additional season of episodes. As a subscriber, you'll share in never-before-published material and, occasionally, a surprise.

    So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today!Please also visit our discussion forum.
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